Software Development, Customization, Integration


Developmet process

The primary goal of our development process is to fulfill the business needs of our customers.

Sometimes our customers are unsure of exactly what they need from their solution. Our role is to help them understand their needs, shape these needs to the requirements of the software and adjust the requirements throughout the development process.

Many developers use the classic "waterfall" development model. In this traditional process, the requirements are set in stone. By the time the solution is completed, it may already be outdated. In reality, the needs of our customers are always evolving. Our job is to make sure the solution changes too.

Our team at SUI Solutions uses the modern "spiral" development model. Using this model, we initially create a "milestone," or partly implemented version of the solution. We share this version with our customer and ask for feedback to determine if the solution is satisfactory. If not, we will continue the development process until it is. Through constant feedback and adjustments, we guarantee that the completed solution will meet our customer’s expectations.

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