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FileMaker solutions

We offer solutions for business process optimization based on the FileMaker platform. These comprehensive solutions are intended to automate business processes and simplify publishing information on the Internet. Our solutions are compatible with both Windows and Mac OS X.

We offer the following FileMaker services and solutions:

Complete FileMaker Solutions

SUI Solutions develops complete FileMaker solutions based on its customers’ unique requirements. Custom solution development ensures that our clients achieve the exact functionality they need without unnecessary features that might be a part of an existing commercial solution.

When the solution is finished, we assist our customers in deploying the final product. After installation, we continue to provide technical support, training and consultation as needed.

SUI Solutions specializes in products for CRM, manufacturing, logistics, education, retail and more.

Existing FileMaker Solution Customization

In addition to providing custom FileMaker solutions, we also modify existing FileMaker applications to increase functionality for our customers. We add or modify features, re-engineer solution architectures and integrate existing solutions with third party software. Our development process for this type of work proceeds similarly to the process for our custom work. We start with the customer’s requirements, provide analysis, create a design and finish with implementing changes to the existing application.

FileMaker Business Templates

If you’re looking to implement a set of features in FileMaker but do not require a complete solution, we also offer a selection of ready-to-use FileMaker templates. Additionally, we can create custom business templates if you’re unable to find what you’re looking for. Our ready-made business templates are available online.


We offer a variety of software and web integration services. Existing FileMaker based systems and websites can be integrated to create robust Internet-enabled solutions. Additionally, we can integrate FileMaker based and non-FileMaker based solutions. This includes creating the missing pieces to improve functionality between a customer’s existing FileMaker solution and non-FileMaker tools, such as web interfaces, data sync services, software for handheld devices and more.


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